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AUGUST 01/2022

The first single from 1998 got digital. The record version have 3 songs. It contains many finnish working musicians.


JUNE 12/2022

My 3 previous albums are in spotify now remastered. these polish sounds include albums; Headfunk, Relativity code for love and instrumental Positive current.​

grönholm Garland cover 1.jpg
AUGUST 03/2022

New Vintage soul album is ready for you

on all digital platforms+bandcamp. The singer is multitalent Grand Garland​ from Nashville.

Grönholm and Small`s headfunk.jpg
JAN 01/2019

Grönholm & Small `s Headfunk CD, a piece of seventies. 9 songs of driven vintage vibes.Click the headline for more.

Singer for this I got my friend Lee Small

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