It is August 2022.  And a new EP ( 6 songs ) comes out from Grönholm / Garland !
This one is high quality digital release.

I am a finnish guitarist/composer (Mika Grönholm) and this is my 6th release of music out now. This one leans toward vintage rock, soul and funk fields.

I am a selftaught musician and I play all instruments on my songs. I usually want to play and mix my own music because that way it`s very personal and just honestly me. ( I am all in for that group situation with other different projects and bands.)

For this EP, I got a multitalent and hard working musician Grant Garland as a
singer. He is based in Nashville and have had numerious bands playing soul,
blues and funk.
He plays many instruments amazingly ( like guitar or trumpet ) and had a great sense and vibe for my music as a singer.

The music speaks itself, so take a spin !