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From very early on, around 1985, I loved to record guitar, and craft songs.
1994-2000 I took a step a head into recording world, working in soundtrack studios (helsinki) as an engineer / assistant.

What was left from those studio days was seeing

and being in many sessions,  assisting or

recording, so a few albums too.

After that period I have collaborated with musicians like Lee Small ( Sweet) Billy Sherwood (Yes) Derek Sherinian ( Ex Dream Theather)  Marco Hietala Ex Nightwish) , list goes on..

My intrest of music points mostly to classic rock , hard rock,  soft rock and medium hard rock heh...

Sometimes old soul or funk won`t hurt..

I`ve done 6 album releases.  those are mostly under my own fingerprint, exept drumming or singing.

3  of those have been released with world wide distribution.

Some guitar tracks been done thru the years to different artists, latest LeeSmall`s Last man on earth (2023).


Have to go now and press REC button,

see ya !

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